Mechanical Technology, Incorporated

NEW 2D | 3D Laser Product

  • Advanced, High Resolution, High Speed Profiling Sensor
  • Up to 0.025% FSR Linearity
  • Up to 12 million measurement points per second
  • Up to 6 kHz Data Rates
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Precision Function Generator

  • Dual Digital Synthesizers
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Sweep and Jog Function
  • Voltage and Charge Signal
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Precision Non-Contact Measurement

  • Single Spot Laser
  • Capacitance
  • Fiber Optic
  • Laser Profile
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Turbine Balancing & Vibration Analysis

  • Up to 4 Vibration Channels
  • 3 Speed Channels
  • One-Touch Balancing Wizard
  • Cable Sets for All Engines & Aircrafts
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In-Situ Tensile Stage

  • No Microscope Alterations
  • Interchangeable Load Cells
  • Software System Complies with ASTM Specifications
  • Heaters Available
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Advanced Sensing and Physical Measurement Technology

Our technologies solve measurement applications ranging from capacitance to laser and fiber-optic sensors, which can provide resolution up to 0.01 uin. (2.5 Angstroms).

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An In-Depth Look into Our Products and Technologies

Review our application notes and technical information for our precision measurement instruments, aviation & industrial vibration and semiconductor metrology systems.

We Are Ahead of the Game

At MTI Instruments, we design, manufacture and sell precision non-contact physical measurement solutions, condition based monitoring systems, portable balancing equipment and semiconductor wafer inspection tools.

The world is moving toward precision measurement as a result of companies need to automate and control processes and equipment and MTI is moving faster into this world.

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