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MTI PROFORMA Computerized Automated Robotic Handling and Tabletop Semiconductor Wafer Thickness Gaging, Inspection, Resistivity and Profiling Equipment for Measuring Silicon, Germanium, Indium Phosphide and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) wafers for production or quality control to measure wafers up to 300mm (12"") in diameter.

MTI ACCUMEASURE Precision Non-contact Dimensional Capacitive Measurement Systems, Push-Pull Amplifiers, and Capacitance Probes to measure Distance, Displacement, Thickness, Resistivity, Proximity, Flatness, Height and Vibration.
MTI FOTONIC (photonic) Fiber-optic Sensors, Transducers and Noncontact Sensing Systems for the repetitive (rro) or nonrepetitive (nrro) measurement of Ultrasonic Sound Vibration or Displacement Measurement in a magnetic environment using Photonics.
MTI MICROTRAK Laser Triangulation Sensor/CCD Laser Displacement Sensor for measuring dimensional, vibration, surface condition, surface flaws, proximity of large standoff distances using laser triangulating technology.
MTI PBS-4100 Aviation Jet Turbine Trim Balancing and Vibration Diagnostic / Monitoring systems for commercial and military aircraft engines.
MTI Calibration and holding fixtures for distance calibration and setup fixturing to measure noncontact probes and sensors.
Also on this site: Non-contact metrology application notes and theories for measuring piezo ultrasonic transducers, levers, ultrasonic welding tips, semiconductor wafers, demensional displacement, vibration sensing, distance, gap, positioning, surface finish and flaws, dielectric materials, bulk and thin film ferroelectric materials, flatness and thickness detection test and measurement using electronic capacitive, fiber optics and laser technologies.

Electronic non-contact dimensional metrology measurement products including capacitance, fiber optic, and laser triangulation probes, sensors and transducers for measuring position, scanning of semiconductor wafers, piezoelectric and ultrasonic sound vibration, gap, proximity, flatness, smoothness and displacement. We also offer wafer thickness gaging instruments, noncontact gages and displacement probes and sensors for edge and repetitive and nonrepetitive runout measurement (rro and nrro). Displacement sensing systems for positioning, inspection, dimensional profiling, monitoring of distance, surface finish, flaws, vibration, flatness and thickness detection and calibration for quality control (QC) and inspection. Mil/mils, microinch/microinches, micron/microns, mm, millimeter/millimeters.
The PBS-4100 is a jet turbine engine fan blade trim balancing and vibration monitoring system - portable and test cell instruments. Sales of dimensional noncontact measurement, displacement, position probes and positioning sensors for micrometer measurement, distance, flatness, surface finish and vibration in industrial and commercial manufacturing. Silicon, Germanium, Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs) wafers that measure thickness, flatness, profiling and scanning. Non-contact capacitance, fiberoptic, and laser test and measurement systems for testing, analysis, monitoring. scientific lab equipment and quality control (QC) for measuring thickness, vibration, positioning, proximity and distance measurement with fiber optics transducers. Automobile glass making, brake rotor thickness, automotive wheel spindle runout, engine thermal expansion, tire tread depth measurement. Laser triangulation sensors for industrial metrology engineering and laboratory systems. Jet aircraft turbine fan blade trim balancing equipment. Non-contact diagnostic measurement and noncontact sensing analysis and detection products. Detecting and monitoring gage, gages, gaging and instrument position, Displacement and Vibration for production process, test fixtures and calibrator guages. Calibration for non-contact measurement micrometers, gauge, gauging, and gauges at micron or microinch dimensions. Capacitance probes, Eddy Current sensors and high precision capacitive gaging electronics. MTI Albany NY USA