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Vibration, tensile, depth, positioning, thickness, gap and tolerance measurement | Mechanical Technology, Incorporated (MKTY)
Measurement for Vibration, tensile, depth, positioning, thickness, gap and tolerance using non-contact sensors
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Mechanical Technology, Incorporated


MTI non-contact displacement and measurement sensors and systems are used in a large variety of measurement situations. Most of our sensors are used to make displacement measurements such sensor to target distance.

These simple measurements can also be used to then measure, gap, step height , thickness, diameter , profile , velocity of a moving target , peak to peak motion etc.  Different targets and different measurement situations require different measuring technologies. Our three basic measurement technologies include , high resolution laser displacement, non-contact capacitance measurement and fiber optic sensors that are immune to electronic magnetic interference.  For specific specialize applications, MTI's Proforma 300i for semiconductor wafer thickness and TTV, the PBS4100+ for gas turbine engine vibration and balancing, our in-situ tensile stages for product testing within SEM/ AFM and the 1510A multifunction signal generator to simulate various sensor signals.  

If you don’t see your application listed please contact us as we have experience with so many applications all over the globe.