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Capacitance Sensors | Mechanical Technology, Incorporated (MKTY)
Non-contact sensors using technology such as laser, fiber optic, and capacitance for thickness, gap and position measurement.
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Mechanical Technology, Incorporated

Capacitance Sensors

ACCUMEASURE | Digital Capacitance Sensor

The Accumeasure D capacitance displacement sensor series amplifier is a truly new revolutionary design that uses the latest technology to convert a highly reliable capacitive electric field measurement (displacement) directly into a highly precise…

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Accumeasure System 9000 is a high-resolution, capacitance-based instrument that provides the perfect solution to many previously unattainable measurement applications. Rapid response time and extremely low noise levels make it ideal for…

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The Accumeasure MicroCap is a compact, custom designed, OEM capacitance board for high-precision non-contact displacement, thickness and gap measurement. The AccumeasureTM Microcap capacitance board allows rapid deployment for OEMs…

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ACCUMEASURE | Modular Capacitance Rack System

The Accumeasure TM 500 compact multi channel capacitance rack system accepts up to 6 capacitance amplifiers. Capacitance sensors are used to measure position, thickness, dynamic motion, vibration, run-out of conductive and semi-conducting…

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Capacitance Probe

MTI offers probes for grounded targets using single-ended probes and for ungrounded or poorly grounded targets using push/pull probes. Single-ended Probes for Grounded Targets Provide Stable and Precise Non-Contact…

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Photovoltaic/Solar | Metrology System

High-speed, multi-channel thickness, TTV and bow measurement module for in-process monitoring of solar/photovoltaic wafers and other materials.

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Semiconductor Metrology System

The Proforma 300i wafer thickness gage is a capacitance based, differential measurement system that performs non-contact thickness measurements of semiconducting and semi-insulating wafers. By utilizing MTI Push/Pull technology, the Proforma…

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Semi-automated Metrology System

The Proforma 300SA is a benchtop/desktop, semi-automated wafer measurement system for semi-conducting and semi-insulating materials.  Based on MTII’s exclusive Push-Pull capacitance technology, the Proforma 300SA delivers full…

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MTI capacitance measurement system is based on the principle of parallel plate capacitor measurement. TM The electrical capacitance formed between a capacitance probe and a target surface varies as a function of the distance (gap) between these two surfaces. Capacitance based measurement probes have long been employed as a means of non-contact measurement of electrically conductive materials. In a typical system, MTII's capacitance probe acts as one of the plates and the grounded target the other plate. MTII's amplifier converts the gap's capacitance into a output voltage proportional to the gap. Capacitive measurements are very stable rivaling interferometer accuracy. The Capacitance is not adversely affected by temperature, humidity and pressure.