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Fiber Optic | MTI 2100 Fotonic Sensor

Undoubtedly an essential measurement tool for process automation, quality control and tool automation control.

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Extremely high resolution fiber-optic sensor for vibration and displacement measurements.

The MTI-2100 features advanced fiber-optic and electronic technologies for precise measurements of displacement, position and vibration. It sets new performance standards with resolution up to 0.01 µin. (2.5 Angstroms) and frequency response from direct-coupled (dc) up to 500 kHz. The MTI-2100’s modular design has the flexibility to be tailored to specific requirements through the use of a wide range of interchangeable and custom fiber-optic probes. These probes are immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and operate on almost any type of surface: metallic, composite, plastic, glass, ceramic or liquid.

Fiber Optic | MTI 2100 Fotonic Sensor


  • Digital display in engineering units
  • Dual-channel capability permits simultaneous measurements of amplitude and phase.
  • Selectable metric or English units.
  • Reflective compensated units available to automatically adjust to target reflectivity changes.
  • Digital display readout in engineering units eliminates the need to convert volts to displacement.
  • Out-of-range indicator notifies the user if the target moves out of the linear range.
  • Interchangeable probe modules allow the user to select from seven standard fiber-optic probe designs, providing 14 different standard measurement ranges and resolutions.
  • High-resolution module resolves to 0.1 µin. standard or 0.01 µin. (2.5A°) optional. With external filtering, 0.004-µin. (0.1nm) resolution is possible.
  • Standard 0-to-10 V dc analog real-time output is compatible with most signal conditioning equipment.
  • RS-232 output for computer interfacing.

Required Accessories

Fotonic Plug-in Module

Measure Dynamic Edge Position, Displacement, Vibration or Runout at Speeds up to 150 kHz. The unique fiber optic probe design is unaffected by target reflectivity or shape, making it ideal for wide variety of applications such as computer disk…

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Technology Principles

At MTI Instruments, we offer advanced sensing and physical measurement technology in products that range from basic sensors to complete, fully integrated measurement systems.

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If your application requires large volume sensors Click Here for Custom Solutions

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