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Tensile MicroStage | Mechanical Technology, Incorporated (MKTY)
Material characterization tensile stage for AFM. Witness mechanical properties data in bending and compression for microscopy application.
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Mechanical Technology, Incorporated

Tensile MicroStage

Undoubtedly an essential measurement tool for process automation, quality control and tool automation control.

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Computer Controlled Compression & Tensile stages for use with AFMs

Specifically designed to fit under AFMs, these MicroTensile Testers provide high resolution tensile, compression, fatigue and bend testing of up to 450N (100 lbs.). Used in-situ or stand-alone, it weighs only about 750 grams, these MicroStage testers are also ideal for use on air tables.
Tensile MicroStage


  • Reduced Height for tight spaces under adjustable lens microscopes
  • Linear Scale Resolution programmable from 1.22nm to 5µm
  • Data Acquisition System provides real-time plots and data exportable to popular formats
  • Load cells easily changeable for lower force requirement
  • Specimen Risers available for short range lens

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