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Programmable tachometer conditioner for engine monitoring and testing systems.

A complete speed signal conditioning unit capable of working with all types of engine speed signals. Whether you are testing engines with a long tooth or short tooth embedded N1 signal, if you have engines with older high-voltage tachometer generators, or if you are testing engines with the new offset tooth design, the TSC-4800A will condition all of these types of signals. The TSC-4800A conditioning algorithms and web server software can be upgraded with new software supplied by MTI Instruments. Within minutes the TSC-4800A can be running to meet your new testing needs.



  • Long-tooth signals
  • Short-tooth signals
  • Offset tooth signals
  • Permits the selection of multiple input sources for each channel
  • Can be configured to condition up to three (3) individual speed signals
  • Generates a "Normal" output signal for engines with N1 tachometer generators and for most N2 and N3 signals
  • Can also condition other types of signals that my come from engine FADEC systems or other instrumentation
  • Accept signals from optical and laser sensors
  • A WEB style interface offers users easy access to the unit from any computer running an Internet browser program.

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If your application requires large volume sensors Click Here for Custom Solutions