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Solving Every Industry’s

Measurement Needs

Solving Every Industry’s Measurement Needs
Providing products equipped with technologies that solve complex real world measurement needs in numerous industries.

We Are Ahead of the Game

At MTI Instruments, we provide tools, systems and solutions developed for markets and applications that require the precise measurements and control of products, processes and the development and implementation of automated manufacturing, assembly and consistent operation of complex machinery.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified
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Companies are turning to precision measurement solutions to gain a competitive edge in automation and process controls – MTI is providing these companies with system solutions to help them stay on top of their game.

Custom Solutions

MTI Instruments Inc offers several styles and types of non-contact sensors that were customized specifically for companies to their exact requirements. If you have a difficult application to solve, contact MTI Instruments’ experienced team of application specialists who will thoroughly analyze your requirements and guide you to a practical, cost-effective solution. We can even design a custom sensor for you.

Here are some examples of our custom sensors we have worked on for customers we cannot disclose:


Excellence in International Trade

We are proud to be the recipient of the 2015 Excellence in International Trade Award by the Tech Valley Global Business Network for our global trade practices as a small/medium manufacturer.

Backed by a Team That Measures Up