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Non Contact Measurement

Non-Contact displacement sensing can be accomplished by a variety of different types of sensors such as eddy current , capacitance, laser triangulation, confocal chromatic and fiber optic. The sensors are used to measure such things as semiconductor surface profiles, brake rotor run out, parts stack up heights for smart phones – all these down to micrometer resolution! Since non contact sensing doesn’t touch the part, there is no part loading and no marks or dents are left on the item being measured.

When nanometer accuracy is needed, capacitance distance thickness measurement sensors have the best linearity specification out of all the technologies which is particularly useful with semiconductor surface mapping or profiling. Our precision laser thickness measurement sensors offers the largest standoff of all the non-contact sensors and can achieve sub micron resolution. MTI’s fiber optic sensors are best for measuring high frequency vibration such as with ultrasonic welders or piezoelectric transducers.