Fiber Optic | MTI 2100 Fotonic Sensor

>>>>Fiber Optic | MTI 2100 Fotonic Sensor
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Fiber Optic | MTI 2100 Fotonic Sensor

Undoubtedly an essential measurement tool for process automation, quality control and tool automation control.

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Fast speed measurement sensor for ultrasonic horn vibration measurement

The MTI-2100 features advanced fiber-optic non-contact sensor using reflectance electronic technologies for precise measurements of displacement, active vibration control, position, and distance for dynamic measurement in cryogenic, vacuum | high pressure, or in high magnetic field and harsh environment. It sets new performance standards with resolution up to 0.01 µin. (2.5 Angstroms) and frequency response from direct-coupled (dc) up to 500 kHz. The MTI-2100’s modular design permits the use of a wide range of interchangeable and custom fiber-optic probes. These probes are immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and operate on almost any type of surface: metallic, composite, plastic, glass, or ceramic.


  • Digital display in engineering units
  • Dual-channel capability permits simultaneous measurements of amplitude and phase.
  • Selectable metric or English units.
  • Reflective compensated units available to automatically adjust to target reflectivity changes.
  • Digital display readout in engineering units eliminates the need to convert volts to displacement.
  • Out-of-range indicator notifies the user if the target moves out of the linear range.
  • Interchangeable probe modules allow the user to select from seven standard fiber-optic probe designs, providing 14 different standard measurement ranges and resolutions.
  • High-resolution module resolves to 0.1 µin. standard or 0.01 µin. (2.5A°) optional. With external filtering, 0.004-µin. (0.1nm) resolution is possible.
  • Standard 0-to-10 V dc analog real-time output is compatible with most signal conditioning equipment.
  • RS-232 output for computer interfacing.

Model Specifications

Product Info Technical Specifications
P/N Model Accuracy Min. Range Stand-Off Interface Type Frequency Response Request Info
8000-6657 Dual Channel Controller: MTI-2100 Select Modules Select Modules Select Modules RS232 Fiber Optic Controller High Pass Filter: DC, 20Hz, 200Hz front-panel selectable 4-pole Butterworth response (-3dB at value selected) Low Pass Filter: 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz and wide band, 1-pole response (-3dB at 1.2x value selected) Request Infomation on Dual Channel Controller: MTI-2100
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Industries & Applications For This Product

Industry Measurement Type Applications
Semiconductor Positioning Tape Cartridge Movement
Research & Development Amplitude Ultrasonic Horn Vibration
Power Generation Amplitude Nuclear heat exchanger vibration
Industrial Amplitude Stator bar vibration in a high magnetic field
Aviation/ Aerospace Displacement Solenoid Door Latches
Research & Development Amplitude Piezoceramic, 1-3 PZT / polymer composite and PVDF film
Research & Development Displacement Piezoelectric stack motion

Required Accessories


MTI-2100 Fotonic sensor Brochure
Fotonic Edge Probe Brochure
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P/N Image Model Product Description
8000-4204 FS-3 (8000-4204) Image FS-3 Fotonic Probe Mount and Positioning Fixture – adjustable fixture to support and position probes over the target being measured. The system consists of a probe clamp, 2 positioning arms, magnetic base, c-clamp base and a micrometer with a 0.28″ (7mm) travel. The probe clamp holds probes up to 0.125 in. (3.2mm) in diameter with a reach of approximately 6″ (152mm).

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Measuring a piezo micromotion
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Ultrasonic Measurement using MTI Instruments Fiber Optic Sensor System

Ultrasonic horn measurement using fiber optic
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How to calibrate MTI Instruments Fotonic Capacitance Sensor

MTI 2100 Fotonic Calibration
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Technology Principles

At MTI Instruments, we offer advanced sensing and physical measurement technology in products that range from basic sensors to complete, fully integrated measurement systems.

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